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SeaPort-e Quality Assurance

Premier Solutions Hi, LLC (PSHI) is committed to providing the highest level of quality through innovative solutions, excellent service, and continuous improvement. 

PSHI is dedicated to providing the resources necessary to implement, maintain, and improve its quality management system.  To ensure the highest quality of services and compliance, PSHI uses an established set of standards and processes to evaluate deliverables across all engagements, to minimize areas of risk, and to improve quality management and operations.  In support of these objectives, PSHI:

  • Conducts internal quality audits of staff performance and TO teams
  • Ensures quality control through proactive subcontractor management
  • Conducts process analysis

Although PSHI’s Quality Manager is responsible for managing the quality program overall, we believe that our team members and employees at every level have a role in PSHI’s delivery of high quality services and solutions.

If a Quality Assurance Plan is needed for particular task orders issued under this contract, PSHI will tailor a plan to meet the needs of the task order.